Mission Service FAQs

I have questions such as:

  • Can my friend come with me?
  • What would I be doing on a day to day basis?
  • How much will it cost me to go?
  • I don’t know how to be a missionary. Is there training?
  • How can I get my school loan deferred for the year?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to e-mail us at rassistant@afmonline.org.

Questions that Parents Commonly Ask

Dear Parents,

Thank you for lending your child to the Lord for frontier mission service.  We are very grateful for the commitment that you and your child have made in taking the gospel to the unreached people.  We know that this represents a sacrifice for you and them, and we want to acknowledge that this is in response to the sacrifice made by Jesus on Calvary.

Below are some questions that parents often ask.  We hope they will help encourage as you pray for your child and the people that they are serving in the coming service term.

If you have any questions or if there is something we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleague, Caitlyn Babienco.  Please know that your child is in our prayers.


John Baxter
Father of two Student Missionaries
Director of Human Resources, Recruitment, and Student Missions

When will my child be leaving and for how long?

All SM/STMs (Student Missionaries/Short-term Missionaries) are required to attend a month-long, cross-cultural training here at the AFM Training Center in Berrien Springs, Michigan, from mid-July to mid-August.  They will return home, generally for 2-3 weeks, before launching to the field.  Depending on the call, they return from the field nine to twelve months later.

Will my child be able to come home for Christmas or any other special event, such as a wedding or the death of a grandparent?

SM/STMs spend the entire term in the field, including the holiday season.  If some emergency requires a trip home, the SM/STM should seek permission from their supervising missionaries before making travel arrangements.  Any such travel is considered personal expense.

Who is watching out for my child while they are overseas?

All of our SM/STMs are sent to places where Career Missionaries are serving.  While the SM/STM will be living on their own, or with other SM/STMs of the same gender, or with a trusted national family, the Career Missionaries closely oversee their work and are available for counsel.  Additionally, Field Directors live in the same country or a neighboring country and oversee the Career Missionaries, making a trip to their project at least once each term and dealing with any issues that may arise.  Of course, we are thankful that God Himself watches over each of us.

Will I be able to communicate with my child while they are overseas?

In most locations cell phone service and internet is available and affordable.  Because of the remoteness of one of our projects, cell phone reception is only randomly available at a certain spot on a hill of the mission station, and internet is only available once every other month while visiting the lowlands.  This project also has a radio for emergency use.

Can I send care packages to my child while they are overseas?

By all means, please send letters and gifts to your child while they are serving on the frontiers.  The SM/STM has been given the mailing address for their location with mailing instructions specific to that project.  Letters are most likely to arrive at their destination, and in most locations carefully planned packages will arrive intact, although at times packages might not make it to the project.  If your child is serving in a “creative access” location, we may have specific, cautionary counsel for you when sending parcels.  Please contact the office if you need a copy of these instructions.

What happens if my child becomes seriously ill or is injured while overseas?

In the rare event that an SM/STM becomes seriously ill or injured, they would be taken to the appropriate hospital for treatment.  Suitable hospitals have already been identified.  If more extensive treatment is required, they would be flown home.

I heard that many AFM missionaries get malaria.  Isn’t malaria deadly?

With modern medicine, malaria is not a life-threatening disease.  SM/STMs going to locations where malaria is common have been instructed on precautionary measures and told which preventative medications to use, greatly reducing the severity and duration of the disease should they become ill.

Are immunizations absolutely required for missionaries going out with AFM

AFM requires certain immunizations for every missionary and each project has their own list of required immunizations based on CDC recommendations.  These required immunizations are non-negotiable for service with AFM.

What kind of insurance does AFM have?

AFM provides health insurance for SM/STMs while in the field, beginning the day they launch up until they time they leave the project and return home.  This accident/illness policy has a $2,500 deductible and AFM covers an additional 75% beyond what the health insurance policy covers.  Dental and optical are not covered.

Can I go visit my child while they are overseas?

Parents are welcome to visit their child overseas. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The SM/STM must discuss the plans and receive approval from their supervising Career Missionaries before making arrangements.  The SM/STM would be expected to take vacation days while their parents visit them.
  2. The Career Missionary should not be expected to make any of the travel or boarding arrangements.
  3. The family member should not stay more than a few days at the project site, and the timing should be such as to disrupt the project as little as possible.

What do the terms Student Missionary (SM) and Short-term Missionary (STM) mean?
  • Student Missionary (SM) – Anyone who has been a student within the past twelve months.
  • Short-term Missionary (STM) – Singles or married couples without children who are not students and who will serve 1-2 years at a project.
My child is going to a “creative access” project.  Why is a pen name needed?

Anyone serving at a “creative access” project is required to choose a pen name for use in our magazine and online.  The missionary will use their own name in the country where they serve, but when their articles are printed in the magazine or on the internet, they will be listed by their pen name.  This preserves the project’s private nature and allows us to report missionary activity without associating it with the project (which also goes by a pen name) or with the SM/STM directly.

What can I say or what shouldn’t I say when communicating with my child in a “creative access country”?

The SM/STMs at “creative access” projects are known to the nationals as Volunteer Teachers.  You may freely refer to their work as teachers, but you should avoid all words referring to specific Christian jargon, missions, or evangelistic activity.  You may contact the office for further instructions regarding appropriate words to use.

My child is going to work among Muslims.  What about terrorism?

SM/STMs are not sent to areas deemed risky.  Generally speaking, terrorism poses more danger in our country than in most places where our missionaries serve.

What if it becomes unsafe in the area where my child is serving?

In the event that the area where an SM/STM is serving becomes seriously unstable, the Career Missionaries would notify the office.  You would then be notified of the possibility of danger.  In the event an area was known to be dangerous, all SM/STMs would be evacuated immediately.  All of our projects have emergency evacuation plans developed for their location.

How much will this cost?  What are the out-of-pocket expenses for our family?

The fundraising goals cover every part of training and service except the following:

  1. Such immunizations as are required here in the States (i.e. Tetanus, etc.) are also required by AFM and are the SM/STMs personal expense.  Such immunizations that apply to the project specifically (i.e. Yellow Fever) are covered by AFM.  (Please refer to the Info Guide).
  2. A health clearance must be performed and signed by the SM/STMs doctor, and fees incurred will be the responsibility of the SM/STM.
  3. The cost of obtaining a passport is the responsibility of the SM/STM. The cost of the immigration documents required by the SM/STM for there project (visa, etc.) are considered AFM’s responsibility.
  4. Their stipend is adequate to cover all necessities, and some SM/STMs find the poverty such in their country that they voluntarily live on less, in order to personally help the truly needy.  Any money for souvenirs or additional spending money would be the responsibility of the SM/STM.

If I can cover the entire cost myself, why does my child have to fundraise?

Fundraising is not merely for monetary support; supporters are asked to pray for the SM/STM and the people they will serve.  This prayer support is crucial for the success of the mission.  The process of fundraising is also a lesson in faith to the outgoing SM/STMs preparing them for subsequent experiences in the field which will require faith in God’s provision.

All AFM Missionaries must raise their own funds.  No one party, including parents, is allowed to provide more than 40% of the SM/STMs total fundraising goal. 

What if my child has student loans?

Most student loans may be deferred (put on hold) for a year while the “student” is overseas for humanitarian purposes.  If the SM/STM attends an NAD SDA College, they should talk to the Student Services Department at their school.  We are happy to write a letter on behalf of the SM/STM to ensure that their loans are deferred during their term of service.

Won’t my child get behind in their studies and suffer academically because of a missed school year?

Living in another country and serving cross-culturally is an education that cannot be gained any other way.  We in the office have often said, “We send them out boys and girls, and they come back men and women.”  Your child will still have to complete the year of school they put on hold in order to go overseas, but this will not reduce the amount of education received.

What if my child “falls in love” with a national or fellow student missionary and I do not approve?

AFM has a strict “no dating” policy for all SM/STMs in their first year of service.  The Career Missionaries monitor this, and the SM/STMs know they will be sent home if non-compliant.  Unfortunately, we have had to send a few young people home.  For the safety of the projects with various cultural differences to consider, the distraction to the ministry and the SM/STMs themselves, and the impossibility of policing “innocent relationships” at all times, the policy is strictly enforced.

If my child backs out of their commitment, can we get the money back?

We ask all SM/STMs in the application process to make a commitment before God and to AFM before their acceptance as missionaries.  If for some reason an SM/STM backs out of this commitment after they have been voted by the HRC and have started fundraising, we cannot legally refund any of the funds to the SM/STM due to IRS regulations and our status as a not-for-profit organization.