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Image for Editorial: August 2021

Editorial: August 2021

Like Paul, always trust God and learn to gracefully accept all things and be content. Or, if we have not quite rounded that corner yet but still have a teachable spirit from our compassionate Savior, be willing to take that next opportunity to allow God to form you in His image.

Bryan Hill
August 1st, 2021

Image for Frontlines or Sidelines

Frontlines or Sidelines

You, too, can directly obey the command of Jesus to go to the nations even if you cannot go to an unreached area yourself. By joining an AFM Missionary’s team, you can instantaneously partner with those physically on the front lines.

Kiersten Lechleitner
July 20th, 2021

Image for Impossible


Over 40% of the world is still unreached and needs to hear about the salvation offered through Christ. Through human eyes, the remaining task is impossible and insurmountable. But the stories in the Bible demonstrate that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

Michael Babienco
July 13th, 2021

Image for Wealth Transfer and Abraham

Wealth Transfer and Abraham

Pray about serving as a Platinum Missionary — on one-year recurring service cycles, and pass on the greatest wealth of all — the Everlasting Gospel.

Conrad Vine
July 6th, 2021

Image for Editorial: July 2021

Editorial: July 2021

I thank you for the prayers you have already been praying for me, and I look forward to joining you in the adventure — immersed in stories demonstrating gospel outreach and Christian love in practical ways.

Bryan Hill
July 1st, 2021

Image for Between Worlds: Third Culture Kids

Between Worlds: Third Culture Kids

MKs, you are part of a special group of people who have paid a price for loving others. We owe you a debt of gratitude. May your reward be rich in Heaven through the lives rescued by Him who loves all.

Susan Payne
June 15th, 2021

Image for When I Was a Child…

When I Was a Child…

It’s not too late to be a missionary. Jesus can help you revive and realize those dreams. You can be a teacher, a mother, a nurse, an accountant, a father or nearly any other role. Take your children with you to the mission field. The important thing is to go and show the people the love of Jesus.

John Baxter
June 8th, 2021

Image for Emerging from the Jungles of PNG

Emerging from the Jungles of PNG

Yes, being a third-culture kid can be tough at times, but who doesn’t have challenges? Each difficulty is an invitation to humble ourselves under the hand of God. In the end, the blessings are much bigger than the trials, and I wouldn’t have chosen my life to be any different!

Karin Erickson-Smith
June 1st, 2021

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