Editorial: December 2020

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When I was growing up, Christmas was synonymous with bread wreathes. My mother would whip up a batch of her home-made bread dough, roll it flat and long, and sprinkle it with cinnamon, sugar, nuts and candied fruit. Then she would roll the dough up and bend it into a circle, artfully slitting the outer edge to reveal the cinnamon swirl. After baking the bread wreath, she would decorate it with icing and more nuts and candied fruit. A feast for the eyes, nose and tongue!

Adventist Frontier Missions is dedicated to making sure everyone has a taste of Christmas Bread. This is the time of year when the Christian world pauses to remember that, two millennia ago, Christ was born as a baby and offered Himself as the Bread of Life that all should eat and live.

As we look back over another year of spreading the Bread of Life to spiritually hungry unreached people around the globe, we want to thank you for being an essential ingredient in the divine recipe.

Maybe you were the flour—the monetary support that provided strength and substance to the missionaries working on the front lines with your monthly giving, bequests, charitable gift annuities, the list goes on. Maybe you were a dash of sugar or cinnamon, cheering and encouraging missionaries with letters, e-mails or care packages. Perhaps you were the oil, praying our missionaries through every challenge and inviting the Spirit’s outpouring upon their families, their friends and their circumstances. Maybe you were the salt, using your influence to raise awareness of the end-time necessity of frontier missions.

In a thousand ways you have inspired us by your dedication and sacrifice, and we are deeply grateful. May God richly bless you—flour, sugar, oil and salt.