Editorial: September 2021

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Life is serious, of that there is no denying. Peter warns us to be sober-minded and alert because our enemy goes around seeking people to devour — trip up and defeat eternally (1 Peter 5:8). Peter learned this lesson from Jesus, who said the enemy, “a thief,” comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” But in the same verse, Jesus also said that He came to give us life and give it more abundantly (John 10:10). And Proverbs 17:10 prescribes a happy heart and a cheerful mind as a healing medicine (AMPC1).

How do we define the more abundant life? What are its qualities? Many are the answers given depending on who you ask and when.

The life of a missionary, like each of us, can be sacrificing, dangerous, intentional, joyous and purposeful. When serving Christ, all are features of a more abundant life. But a more abundant life can also contain a bit of innocent and good-natured humor, such as happy accidents with positive outcomes (Murphy, p. 22), humorously recounting the past (Castillo, p. 19), joyously discovering what was lost in translation (Theunissen, p. 28) and even laughing at ourselves while embracing life’s challenges (Lain, p. 34).

A missionary’s life may also include a furlough, a temporary home visit, allowing time to rejuvenate and be showered with God’s blessings through others (Bridger, p. 44), reflect on experiences and how God has led (Nassar, p. 43), and, what else, humorously provide a not so glamorous view of the responsibilities during furlough (Lawrence, p. 20).

May this issue provide good medicine and relief to your dried bones.

1 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition. Copyright © 1987 by The Lockman Foundation.