A Retirement Like No Other

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“Grandpa’s coming! Grandpa’s coming!” Emma squeals as she runs for the door. She hears the familiar sound of our truck coming down her street. Not yet two years old, our precious little missionary granddaughter always warms our hearts when we arrive at her house for whatever reason.

Being half a world away from our biological grandchildren and knowing these missionary children are equally as far away from their biological grandparents has given each of us a delightful opportunity to fill a part of our hearts that would otherwise be lacking.

As field directors, we are in the unique position of living close to our mission families at the Central Thai project. Whether a homeschool math-support appointment, taking little girls on Sabbath mission outreach, or temporarily assuming the childcare role so that mom and dad can get away for a special anniversary weekend, Bruce and I love to fill the grandparent role for these seven precious missionary kids. Along with various other tasks and responsibilities, this dimension of mission living is one of our favorites.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to get more closely acquainted with the other nine missionary grandchildren still in lockdown in a creative access country. We eagerly wait for that opportunity as borders open.

We have discovered that mission service at our stage in life has many unexpected and delightfully fulfilling experiences. God, in His providence, has graciously given us a unique and purposeful place to retire and, yet, still work for Him. We would challenge others, like us, who are still strong and healthy, to prayerfully look at a retirement experience second to none — a mission post somewhere in the world where you could make a significant difference. Please contact our AFM office and learn more about a one-, two-, or three-year “platinum” missionary opportunity. God can use you to bless younger missionary families!
Here are three ways you can be blessed:

PRAY — For many years, we prayed for AFM and were blessed to read what God was doing through this ministry.
GIVE — Equally, for many years, by God’s grace, we chose to give in support of various missionary families.
GO — For the past three years, we have been privileged to go, and we will never regret it!

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