Editorial: July 2021

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For 23 years — nearly half his life — Bill Fagal brought you stories of how God reaches the unreached through AFM missionaries. I am 51. I do not believe I will spend half of my life as editor of Adventist Frontiers; even 20+ years might be pushing the dream. Nevertheless, like Bill, I will be touched by the stories we bring you — stories of the unreserved compassion of missionary families and the trials they face, as well as glimpses into the lives of unreached people rescued by God’s grace.

Yes, it is missionary stories that, over the years, have given me a sense of hope when I have needed hope. They lift my heart, bring me encouragement, and renew my commitment. Mission stories help me to see Jesus walking the earth in our day, bringing a radiant smile out of each heart filled with gratitude, joy and peace for having met Him.

I ask you for your prayers as I continue this monumental and humbling task. As I read the mission stories — and listen to our AFM staff daily lift before God the prayer requests and praises of our subscribers, missionaries, each other and the unreached — I discover new ways that I may be purified by the Refiner’s fire.

I thank you for the prayers you have already been praying for me, and I look forward to joining you in the adventure — immersed in stories demonstrating gospel outreach and Christian love in practical ways.

May God bless each of you and all those who are dear to your heart.

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